Albert Experiences the Technology of Atlantis


Albert Einstein lived during the horse and buggy days.   I wondered how did he discover his theories of light with the limited technology of his time? Perhaps he was from Atlantis when technology was at its zenith? I used Doug Simpson’s book “We Lived In Atlantis” based on Edgar Cayce’s visions for my research into the high spiritual and technological civilization of Atlantis 10,000 B.C. Maybe young Albert Einstein was trying to remember his role as a priest-scientist when he lived in Atlantis? In my novel, Einstein’s Compass the Mystical Travelers transport Albert back in time to remember what is time and light? Einstein’s Compass is a hero’s journey of how a young boy with a dream changes the world by remembering ancient theories of technology. Buy Einstein’s Compass on Bookchain or Amazon. #Blockchain #bookchain




Einstein’s Compass a YA Time Traveler Adventure

Albert Visits Atlantis

“Let’s begin with the Temple of Poseidon,” Arka beckoned the boys to follow him. “Throughout the tour, we can address some of the ideas that I understand you are bringing forward in your time.”

Albert immediately agreed. “I’d really like that.”

Arka guided them around the wall of pure gold that surrounded the temple. As they walked, Albert felt a sense of peace settle into him.

Arka enjoyed telling guests about his beautiful home. “Atlantis is a place of wisdom and healing. People here interact with one another with caring, respect, and love.”

“I believe it,” Albert agreed. “I can actually feel peace.”

“The peace you experience is not passive, submissive, or indifferent, Albert. Rather, it is a dynamic, active peace that enriches the quality of life within the individual, in society, and the world at large. People come from all over the world to meditate and rejuvenate,” Arka said proudly. “The land, its waters, vegetation, and wildlife can all be used to tap into the part of you that is calm, loving, and peaceful. I think it will help you accept what you’ve been hearing.”

“It must be working,” Albert smiled. “I feel serene.”

Arka smiled back, then pointed up. “The sacred Temple of Poseidon is 98 feet high, with foils of silver over the limestone. And notice the golden statuary. The contrast of elements is in keeping with the esoteric principle of honoring opposites. The spiritual equilibrium—in this case, gold representing the sun and silver representing the moon—represents the ultimate expressions of male and female energies; solar being male and lunar, female.”

Albert and Johann were drinking in their surroundings and information. As they reached the facade of the temple, the glass doors opened like magic. With such wonders around him, Albert forgot his troubles. He put his hand on Johann’s shoulder. The two could only stare in awe and wonder as they strode into the thirty-foot-high atrium. At the center of the sanctuary, they passed the solid metal orichalcum pillar into which the laws of Atlantis had been engraved. Healers and priests in bright tunics walked about, tending to their tasks.

Arka guided his guests into the Gathering Hall and over to a square, a twenty-foot topographic map of Atlantis that hung on the west wall. As he pointed to the three archipelagoes, he said, “The island with concentric circles of land on the far left is Poseidon, where we are. The more massive island is Aryan, and the smallest is Og.” The boys took it all in as Arka continued. “In millennia past, Atlantis was one vast continent stretching nearly to the coasts of the eastern and western continents. But over time, a series of earthquakes have reduced Atlantis to three islands.”

“The formation of Poseidon is certainly interesting,” Johann observed.

Arka nodded. “Yes, Poseidon has ten provinces, one on each ring, with sacred shrines on each of them. It is our purpose to bring humankind into accord with cosmic harmony by observing the ebb and flow of opposites.” Arka turned to Albert.

“Now, let ’s address what interests you most, Albert.” The young scientist leaned forward in anticipation. “To understand energy and light, you must learn how we are implementing the principles of natural forces. Our temples are not solely for religious worship. Each is dedicated to one of the arts or sciences or professions. In our Temples of Learning, each student on Atlantis learns not only the details of their chosen field but also how to access their creativity through alignment with the spiritual heart. When in harmony with God, the flow of inspiration and creativity is pure, and higher light pours forth with divine love.”

Arka pointed to the Temple of Light on the map. “Albert, we have discovered that sound waves imperceptible to the human ear are emanating from the Earth. Our Temples of Light capture those sound waves, amplify them, and direct them as energy sources.”

“You use the energy of the Earth as a power source?” Albert was fascinated.

“Yes, our Firestone crystals are near the center of the island’s landmass and serve as a focal point. They modify the energy moving out of the inner core into the shafts we have created in the Earth itself. They allow the highest frequencies to radiate out of our network of pyramids.” Arka gestured, and a holographic image of the Earth appeared in front of them. “We have Temples of Light around the Earth in a power network.”

Albert’s eyes widened, and he pointed to what was known as Egypt in his time. “Wait, are you saying the pyramids here are part of your network and have something to do with transmitting light and energy to other pyramids?”

Arka nodded. “Yes, there are pyramids here, here, here, and here,” he said, pointing to what Albert recognized as Mexico, China, Antarctica, and the United States of America. Then he turned and motioned for the boys to follow. “Come on. I’ll take you to the Temple of Light.”

Johann leaned over and whispered to Albert as they followed Arka, “Are you doing okay with all of this?”

Albert shrugged, “I don’t know what to think. A lizard monster wants my compass. They use sound waves to produce electricity. Pyramids broadcast energy around the world. How could I not be just fine?” he smirked.


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