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Grace Allison « Grace Allison Blair

Do You Have The Courage of an Einstein?

Is it “cool to be cruel”? Our culture today is suffering from cancel culture and bad behavior on social media. Why?

Einstein received a lot of personal attacks in his life. What would do if you were attacked like this?










Albert Einstein was never always […]

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Interview with Grace Blair, the author of a YA historical fantasy novel Einstein’s Compass

This week, we’re talking with Grace Blair about her book, Einstein’s Compass: A YA Time Traveler Adventure



Tell us something unexpected about yourself!

Since childhood I have had empathic visions of God, angels and Christ. Organized religions did not fulfill my quest to know more.

In 1973, I met my spiritual […]

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Working Remotely? Using These 5 Expert Tips to Feel Your Best

Initially, the idea of working remotely can sound privileged and glamorous. Working location-independent has an allure that a stuffy office with dim, fluorescent lighting just can’t compete with. However, as anyone who has worked remotely for a long stretch of time knows, this arrangement has unexpected downsides. Setting boundaries, changing into “real” clothes […]

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  • These are all great tips, Grace, and I agree with all of them. Being somewhat iconoclastic by nature, I have adopted a different approach in my online grad school classes. I don’t care if the pet cat joins us as long as the student is still engaged. S/he can be part of an online class from the car or a family picnic as long as he focuses on the class conversation. I want to make it easy for students to blend learning with their needs.

    Education, though, is different. Thanks for sharing these!

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For Laws of Nature - Jacqui Murray

Why do Lucy’s kind (and Xha’s) ignore their dead?

Lucy’s and Xha’s kind didn’t bury their dead. That symbol of respect and understanding of an afterlife came much later. Earliest man knew of no world or life beyond their own.

What’s with the unusually bright star Lucy saw?

Lucy saw a conjunction of Jupiter […]

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Atlantis and the Supernatural Compass

Take a YA time traveler adventure with young Albert Einstein. When young Albert Einstein’s father gives him a jeweled compass, he has no idea the adventure that awaits. Spanning from 10,400 BCE on the Islands of Poseidon to Switzerland in 1903, Einstein’s Compass sweeps across dimensions all while Albert Einstein is growing into his destiny. But a dangerous creature hunts Albert and the compass. In this fantasy adventure, cosmic forces of good and evil clash around a budding scientist on the cusp of his greatest discovery. […]

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How I Flourished During the Pandemic

There is nothing like a pandemic to put a plot twist into your life. Plans to Hawaii canceled because of hotels locking down. Travel insurance did not cover Covid related travel. How distracted had my life become with being busy out in the world? I wondered if Mother Nature was telling us, “Its time […]

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  • I like the idea of reorienting. I didn’t do any of that because all I do is write! No change required! How did the marketing ventures go?

  • Grace A Blair

    Entering book contests “Einstein’s Compass a YA Time Traveler Adventure” won ten book awards. I want to be in bookstores and libraries so I entered with Story Monster and won four with “Story Monster Approved”. I advertised with the monthly Story Monster magazine . They created a wonderful ad which I used in all my social media. I advertised with Kindle Daily Nation twice. By far the best return as the sales soared and I was #33 in the top ten science fiction books. I advertised with IBPA International Book Publishers Association. They sent a list of librarians with email addressed and phone numbers who were interested in the book. Bublish created a bookstore with incentives to buy and review the books. With advertising Einstein’s Compass has greater visibility and better sales. The cost of advertising was not covered by the sales. However, sales did increase by double of what I did last year.

  • That is amazing, Grace. You tried everything I wish I would. How do you have time to do all that! It’s interesting the visibility increased but not enough sales to cover the cost.

    That’s an amazing amount of awards. I don’t know why that alone wouldn’t rocket you to the top. I just don’t get this stuff at times!

  • When Amazon controls the price of books like $2.99 or less for Kindle we have to sell more than 200 books in a month to break on one ad.
    Good thing my books are a business and I can write off my expenses at the end of the year.
    It does take time to advertise and money to advertise. Being retired helps.
    My hobby business of writing keeps me involved in a project I care about.

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Relationships in Einstein’s Compass

Johanne Thomas Young Albert Einstein’s childhood friend

An excellent story needs conflict. In this chapter we see the dark characters Raka and Wilhelm vs the light Einstein and Johann. This is a turning point in the story. The quest for the compass drives Raka to manipulate Wilhelm. Johann’s friendship (he thinks) protects Albert and […]

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Imagination Changed The World

Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Inspired by the words of the famous scientist in 2016, I wondered how a young Jewish boy who had a dream became the most important man of our time? Terrified of the monumental task I like Einstein went into […]

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Einstein’s Compass – The Right Pace

When pacing the story and controlling the rhythm of events in Einstein’s Compass, I chose a fast speed. Each chapter like in a movie has a beginning, middle and end often with a cliffhanger. In this chapter, evil Raka’s Transformation opens with a colorful scene in time. The revelation of a dead body in […]

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Happy Birthday Albert Einstein – PI Day

Ebook on Sale $.99

Sunday March 14th is Albert Einstein’s Birthday. On Sunday, the eBook is $.99. Einstein said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle”. Did you know Einstein was not always famous? I […]

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