Einstein's Mind Experiments Changed The World

Albert Einstein was never always famous. When he was a child, his father presented him a compass. The directional device inspired the growing analyst to dream of what is time, what is light? His life was difficult. When he was a juvenile, he struggled when his parents moved to Italy and left him with his […]

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Do Not Worry - Live Your Life


George Washington once said, “Worry is the interest paid by those who borrow trouble.” The Coronavirus narratives in our world shows how the media deals with us with their doomsday scenarios. Excitement has halted flying while stock markets plunge. Is the virus scare real? We are a population of three hundred and fifty million […]

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Coronovirus Fact of Fiction?

In 1981 author Dean Koontz composed, “The Eyes of Darkness”. The novel depicts a virus called “Wuhan-400,” referred to after the Chinese city known as the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. Are we seeing fiction become a reality? When the coronavirus spread in the winter of 2019, my husband Dr. John Blair, a military sociologist, […]

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Serendipity Directs My Writing Process

In my writing process, I sit at my computer and compose whatever appears in my mind. When I run out of words, I get up and do chores, wash dishes or walk. In meditation, I send loving thoughts and bless the story. Usually a character or a theme of the narrative will appear […]

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Evil Character Based On Real Life

Have you known a person who was evil? I have. Someone whose charming, seductive personality drew you in. Made you feel important and special just so they could exploit you? The adversary in Einstein’s Compass, Raka, the fallen angel of light in Einstein’s Compass, is a narcissist. He possesses an ambitious sense of importance, who […]

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We Are All Connected

Writing books began in the year 2001 when after being laid off after 9/11 I found an inner voice that wanted to connect with the world. During, the last nineteen years I have expressed the creativity of my mind through the portal of technology. Research on the internet gave me more information than I could […]

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My Crazy Oprah Story

My crazy story began in 2006. The real estate market across our country was intense. Home transactions for me reached thirty homes in one year. When the real estate market collapsed I was homeless, jobless, and penniless. What was I to do? My friend Sandi extended me a bedroom in her home until I could […]

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Winter Ba Humbug

Wintry weather has never been my friend. Memories of snowy blizzards in Upstate New York as an adolescent remind me of intense fever and tonsillitis. Going to sunny, tropical South Florida when I was nine restored my strength. Since I moved to Texas in 1985 winter weather is like a roller coaster. Dawn occurs with […]

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2020 Begins With My Hair On Fire

I read on a coffee mug “Being a writer is easy it’s like riding a bike except the bike’s on fire you’re on fire everything is on fire.” In the last five years, I have written and narrated “Do You Have a Dream Workbook, Five Keys to Realize Your Dream” and, “Einstein’s Compass a […]

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Hold On Tight To Your Dreams

The song “Hold On Tight To Your Dreams” by ELO has been playing on a loop in my head for the last few days. My first dream for Einstein’s Compass was to publish a hero’s journey that captured your heart. My second goal was to raise awareness of my novel. This week Einstein’s Compass won […]

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