AUSTIN, TX – Texas Authors have once again allowed their creative minds to open up and expand the Universe in which they live with short stories that capture one’s emotions through the everlasting aspect of storytelling.


In this, the third volume of award-winning short stories, the reader is taken on a personal ride of growth and understanding, then through history both factual and fictional as they explore each side of wars. Then fear grabs hold of you and shakes you with terror before unleashing giggles and out-right laughs. Those are just a few of the emotions one will experience as they read these 23 short stories from all parts of Texas.


Texas Authors, Inc., a nonprofit organization that supports and markets Texas Authors teamed up with Texas number one eBook store to help promote the contest which had thousands of dollars in prizes up for grabs.


The winner of this year’s contest winners are:


Fiction/African American

1st Place – Renne Siewers – Swish, Swish – The Mistake



1st Place – Ernie Lee – Heart Over Mind

2nd Place – Darlene Prescott – Early Wanderings and Unholy Revelations



1st Place – Dale Wender – Concho Diary



1st Place – Grace Allison – Neville’s Pond



1st Place – Dick Elam – “Who’s Truman?”

2nd Place –  George Ramphrey – Texas Two Step

3rd Place – Joseph Willis – The Lesson



1st Place – Larry Morris – Nightmare



1st Place – Aaron Ward – Supererogate Park

2nd Place –  Curt Locklear – Bee in the Car



(Tie) 1st Mark Allen – Plain Brown Wrapper

(Tie) 1st Julie Cosgrove – The Highway Chair

3rd Place – Ken Ingle – Never on Friday



Sandra Fox Murphy – Passage



1st Place – Jan Sikes – Broken Promises



1st Place – Joe Kilgore – Twenty-Ten

2nd Place – Robert DeLuca – Faithful Forever



1st Place – Aaron Ward – Panner’s Final Problem

(Tie) 2nd Place – Larry Morris – All in Good Time

(Tie) 2nd Place –  Jan Sikes – The Forgotten


Fiction/Techno Thriller

1st Place – Charles Breakfield & Rox Burkey – The Enigma Chronicles – Remember the Future



1st Place – B Alan Bourgeois – Authors Revolution



This wonderful collection of short stories can be purchased for $14.95 at one of the sponsor’s websites.  $2.00 from the sale of each book is donated to the DEAR Texas literacy programs, which helps get books into the schools, libraries, and readers who may not otherwise afford them. The book is available in paperback, eBook and soon as an audiobook.  You may also purchase last year’s book at


To learn more about DEAR Texas and it’s Book Festival Network, or its Literacy programs, please visit their website at


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Grace Allison, Winner 2017 Texas Author Inc. Wins Best Spiritual and Inspirational Book Award

Grace Allison’s “Do You Have a Dream Workbook 5 Keys to Realize Your Dream” has been awarded by Texas Author Inc. First Place in the category of Non-Fiction-Spiritual/Inspirational.

Lubbock, Texas August 12, 2017—Allison’s book, which has been enjoying modest success since its publication in 2016 has been recognized for excellence. It presents a fresh approach to personal empowerment and energizing both inner and outer resources for achieving the things you want in your life and even exceeding your dreams. The Amazon Best Seller can be found in an E Book, Audio Book in Grace’s voice and Workbook.

Allison says, “Our world is in a process of change, and change is one key element to most peoples’ discomfort and distraction from their happiness. Change does not have to be difficult.” Her book lays out in practical and doable steps how to align and strengthen the inner spirit with your outer life. It shows how to shift your inner experience from feeling out of control to expressing inner freedom, inner strength, peace, confidence and love.

Author Grace Allison is a modern Christian Mystic and an award-winning self-help and motivational author who has assisted hundreds to find their spiritual wisdom to solve everyday challenges.

Grace Allison describes herself as “a prime example of someone who pulled herself up by her bootstraps and took notes along the way.” When she turned to writing, she chose subjects that she was intimately familiar with—and their scope is surprising. She lives in Lubbock, Texas, where she leads workshops and maintains a private health and success coaching practice.

5th Annual Contest is Largest Collection of Texas Authors. Readers of the exceptional titles selected for Texas Association of Authors.

(TX Authors) Best Book Awards, would agree that they are winning reads and top-tier selections in their categories. By any measure, the distinguished books from this year’s

forty-eight winners are of stellar quality. Readers will love to fall into the pages and climb out with the greatest of satisfaction. This is the fifth year for TX Authors to select winning titles by Texas Authors. A sample chapter from each winning book can be found, along with the previous year’s winners at

The winners from this year’s contest received their prestigious awards at the Celebration of Authors Gala event in Houston on July 29th, which is a part of the 2nd Annual Authors Marketing Event happened July 28-30. Authors attended this paramount event learned new ways to better market themselves and their books in this ever-changing world of publishing. Each award-winning author will have their book(s) on display and for sale during the weekend event. Texas Authors promotes authors from the Lone Star State in a variety of ways. The association leverages the knowledge and expertise of various authors to promote their works locally and globally.




For more information or to arrange media appearances, contact:


Grace Allison, Author



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Do You Feel Creatively Stuck?

 Do You Have a Dream Workbook 5 Keys to Realize Your Dream 
 Grace Allison 
 Modern Mystic Media 
 June 9, 2017 

Do you feel creatively stuck?

Have a dream but lack the confidence to make it come true?

Do You Have a Dream Workbook 5 Keys to Realize Your Dream will alter your consciousness in a fun and playful way.

Take charge of your life use the powerful 5 keys on life and living, advancement and how to create positive change.

1. Write your dream

2.  Align your body, mind and soul

3. Forgive

4. Affirm who you are

5. Write & realize your dream

Creativity is a joyful and spiritual experience of incitement the inward feeling of excitement that changes the molecules and cells.

Find your incitement your joy your dreams NOW!

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Expand your audience exponentially with smart Goodreads marketing – Build Book Buzz

Smart Goodreads marketing is easy and affordable if you know the options and rules. Kate Sullivan of TCK Publishing breaks it down for you.

Source: Expand your audience exponentially with smart Goodreads marketing – Build Book Buzz

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List of Online Reviewers Who Accept Self-Published Books

Source: List of Online Reviewers Who Accept Self-Published Books

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Why I Write What I Write: Self-Help Books That Saved My Life – by Grace Allison

Writing and self-publishing books can change lives – including that of their author. US indie author Grace Allison describes herself as “a prime example of someone who pulled herself up by her bootstraps and took notes along the way”. When she turned to writing, she chose subjects that she was intimately familiar with, and their scope is surprising. Over to Grace to explain precisely why she writes what she writes…

I’m not sure why other people write self-help books, but I wrote mine to save my life. I was struggling with what was going on around me and inside me. I was unhappy, and I knew there had to be more: more joy, more happiness, more fulfillment.

Having been raised by abusive parents—an angry alcoholic father and a mentally ill, eventually suicidal mother, I was put in charge of her three siblings when I was only ten years old. My life was bleak and devoid of friends or any kind of social life. I ran away and married at sixteen, managing to find a husband who was just as abusive as my father. After divorcing, I found another husband to “rescue” me, but he was essentially a replica of the first.

The Turning Point

Ultimately escaping a second dysfunctional marriage, I decided that if I was going to be rescued, I would have to be the one to do the rescuing. That became a turning point, and I began my quest for methods and techniques that would give me real empowerment.

So I started looking for keys that would help me produce more of the experience of life that I was looking for but hadn’t managed to secure.

Cover of Do You Have a Dream by Grace Allison

The book that saved its author’s life

There are countless techniques out there, and it felt like I must have tested most of them. Some worked for me, most didn’t. Eventually I was able to distil them down to a manageable set, and I really worked them.
What I learned from applying these simple keys was how to align myself with the presence of Spirit within and become aware of the illusion of need that produces unproductive thought forms and negative energies. Once I had done that, I saw how to release the illusion and fill the need to receive all good things. I discovered that the change that happens within does not have to be a struggle; rather it can be created with ease, and grace.

For the first time in my life, I felt safe.

The end result of that adventure was my first book, A Dream Is a Wish the Heart Makes: Or, if at first you don’t succeed, change the rules.

Ten years later the updated Dream Book is now available with a new title, Do You Have a Dream? 5 Keys to Realizing Your Dream, and is available in an ebook, workbook and an audiobook narrated by the author.

My Second Book

Cover of Einstein's compass

Second book now in progress

Over the course of my adult life, I also became a serious student of the spiritual. I found that, often, psychological principles and practices were incomplete, but could be filled out by adding the missing spiritual. It was through immersing myself in this field of study and experience that I came up with my idea for my second book, Einstein’s Compass, currently in progress.

By applying and refining the principles that ended up in my books, I transformed from a victim of life to a successful entrepreneur, providing coaching on lifeskills and business success practices. I also developed a health/nutritional counseling practice, and entered into a happy, successful marriage with a partner instead of a protector.

Now, rather than needing to be rescued I am able to take care of myself.

After having endured two unsuccessful marriages, I have created a loving, caring relationship with my husband. I have a financially comfortable lifestyle. My body at age 65 is healthy, youthful and strong. I am more creative in my life, writing, traveling and able to be of service, giving of myself to others. When challenges come my way, I have flexible boundaries to take care of myself and greater intuitive knowing and confidence in myself and of my environment.

What I have achieved, you can too. While it may not be easy, it is much more simple than I would ever have guessed.

OVER TO YOU Has writing what you write changed your life? Do you have an interesting personal story to tell about why you became an author? We’d love to hear about your experience. Join the conversation via the comments box.


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Authors are Critical Stakeholders of Amazon

In my on-going investigation into the third party book sellers at Amazon I am sharing my communication with Martin Costa, Executive Customer Relations of Author Central

Dear Mr. Costa,
Thank you for your personal email address and openness to my conversation regarding the third party sellers for authors on Amazon’s Marketplace.
I love Amazon’s Marketplace with its many products I can purchase in one place.
The Marketplace works well for the customer who want to purchase anything you can imagine with multiple outlets to choose from.
However, I want to point out that not all businesses are well suited for a Marketplace concept. It works well for the consumer, who could pay less or equal to a price you offer but not for authors.
Royalties vary by source of the book to the final seller, e.g. Amazon KDP vs. Ingram wholesalers to the seller.
Authors are the content producers of books. Amazon KDP is a producer of written versions of books. Amazon is also the seller and therefore has two sources of income.
With a third party seller, the author content goes to the lowest bidder who produces the written books with a much lower royalty to the author and even less income to Amazon.
As my previous email mentioned, authored books are not like any other businesses. 
We authors are critical stakeholders within the Amazon experience. We create one of a kind products and have depended on Amazon to be the best source of our income. 
For example, my royalty for the Create Space KDP purchase was more than three times what I was making from the PBShop in England.
With other on-line bookstores competing for the KDP business Amazon loses as well.
I appreciate your considering that the larger Amazon Marketplace third party seller concept is not a good business practice for either Amazon or authors.
Grace Allison, Author 
Hello Ms. Allison,
Thank you for voicing your concerns; however, on May 27, 2017 and June 10, 2017, we discussed that we will not be reverting the changes to the buy boxes and allow third parties to compete for them. We will not discuss this matter any further or provide additional insight.
Boyd Thibodeaux
Executive Customer Relations
Author Central

2 comments to Authors are Critical Stakeholders of Amazon

  • Sheri

    Grace – did you ever get anywhere with Boyd Thibodeaux? I originally wrote to Bezos, a reply came from Martin saying the content review team would look into my discrepancy of nearly $4,000 royalty. I wrote to Martin after a week of no response from Amazon, and received an almost identical curt response from Boyd.

    I have to wonder if these guys are even real.

    • Grace Allison

      No, I have not heard anything, especially with Boyd Thibodeaux.
      I recommend you call customer service at Amazon Central maybe they can
      get to the bottom of the issue.


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The Good and Evil of

Since March 1, 2017, Amazon has changed its policy to allow third party sellers in its book division. When I wrote to Jeff Bezo’s at Amazon on May 27, 2017, I received this response from Amazon:

 Martin Costa, Executive Customer Relations  

Author Central 

Thank you for your email. I understand you’d like to discuss this matter with Jeff Bezos, but regrettably, his schedule doesn’t allow him to answer directly, and my team responds on his behalf. We have seen that allowing third-party sellers to compete for buy box creates a better overall experience for customers around features they value, and we have recently extended this policy to print books. We appreciate your feedback and concerns around this change. If you have further comments or need to contact me directly, please email me at
My last email, “Stakeholders” to Amazon’s Author Central has gone unanswered. My point was why Amazon is opening up to offer third-party sellers when they could make money as a Kindle Direct Printing as well as from authors.
I discovered I had to see the new third party policy from how the company makes more profits.
I have a friend who worked at Amazon in the warehouse pushing the carts around and filling orders. She said that Amazon could make more money by having third-party bookstores. The third party bookstores could sell more books in volume than we self-published authors could.
The big picture is that not only can a third-party seller sell books they can sell anything else in Amazon’s warehouse. For example, I could pay $39.99 a month and set up a professional account obtain a Buy Button on Amazon’s Marketplace and sell not only my book but any other book or product listed in Amazon’s warehouse. Amazon is responsible for fulfilling the orders. I do not have to provide the inventory for anything that Amazon offer.
From Amazon’s website: 
Since 2000, selling on Amazon has been helping individuals and businesses increase sales and reach new customers. Today, more than 40% of Amazon’s total unit sales come from third-party selection. All sellers can list products in more than 20 categories. Professional Sellers can apply to sell in at least 10 additional categories. If you plan to sell more than 40 items a month its $39.99/month + other selling fees. You plan to sell fewer than 40 items a month $0.99 per sale + other selling fees.
Therefore, the warehouse worker who pushed the cart down the warehouse aisle puts a copy of your book in the cart then adds toothpaste, skin care products, toilet paper, and a dress. If I am set-up to sell all those products through my third-party store I receive a profit from the sale minus the initial set-up fee and other charges.
A sale of my “Do You Have a Dream Workbook 5 Key to Realize Your Dream”, I discovered  I would make only $.69 if I allowed third-party sellers to sell my book on Amazon.
I found I could make $1.90 per book if I set-up my own bookstore. For on-line sales, as an indie author, I have set-up my bookstore through Ingram-Spark called It’s free to any Ingram author. I can sell my books as well as any other book that Ingram has in its inventory. On my website, I direct people to buy my book from my bookstore instead of Amazon’s bookstore. I make more money with selling my book. Moreover, I can sell any other book in my bookstore that Ingram carries. In addition, I can use the social media buttons provided by to advertise the website or any book in my bookstore. I have complete control over the pricing and discounts of the books. Ingram provides the fulfillment, taxes and shipping.
In conclusion, authors and our books are just things not works of art that require special handling. Our books sit next to breakfast cereal or toothpaste.   I know my friend who was pushing carts in Amazon is now an author. She plans to have a Buy Button and become an Amazon Marketplace third party seller. Who knows maybe she will be selling your book next to hers with the toothpaste, breakfast cereal and dress.
I sent the above-mentioned email you just read to Mr. Costa on June 9, 2017:

June 10, 2017

Dear Grace,
We appreciate your feedback on our bookstore, and I want to assure you that your voice has been heard by our team. Feedback from our authors is always welcome as it’s fundamental to help us maintain a great experience for both customers and authors.
Thank you
Martin Costa
Executive Customer Relations
Author Central

If you have a situation that you want to address with Mr. Costa please make your comment/question here.

[Grace The Mystic, Award Winning Author] The Good and Evil of
Grace, it is wonderful that you have found someone to answer your questions and that you are passing it along to authors everywhere. Thank you for the information. An addition: authors often use Amazon’s Profile page as a place to be seen by their readers. It won’t fix the royalty problem, but if they are not using that feature, they should look into it. Here is my page as an example: your readers will find a lot more information on how to set up a profile page and what it can do for them in my multi award- winning book , #TheFrugalBookPromoter.

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Jacqui Murray Review's

Grace Allison’s pithy little book, Do You Have a Dream? (ThinkAHA 2017) shares 140 ways to address change and come out better for it. It’s broken into ten sections like Do You Believe in God and Emotions — Energy in Motion so you can quickly focus on where you need help. Each tip is brief but rich with a section at the end where you can write items that you want to refer back to. With a focus on the spiritual and the positive, I found many that resonated with me. My favorites: What is the Value of Prayer? and Five Keys to Creating Your Dream.

The whole book takes only about twenty minutes to read. It’s called a ThinkAHA book because you think about the tip and later, after re-reading it, you get that epiphany. Recommended for those seeking solutions to recalcitrant problems in their lives.

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Why I am writing Einstein's Compass: a Novel of What If?

I have always thought of Einstein as a fascinating person. In reading about him, I discovered Einstein was a spiritual person whose father gave him a compass that sent him on his scientific journey. So I asked myself the what if question.

Since Einstein seemed to be a spiritual person on a quest to understand the universe, what if he was a modern mystic in his time?

MorEinsteinsCompass6eover, what if he had help from spiritual beings to understand the universe?

Through physics, he found his answers. My book of fiction follows his biographical history from age six to twenty-six and adds a new level of mystical spirituality that he had help from mystical beings who assisted him in his heroes’ journey and his miracle theory. Einstein believed that we have to go beyond what we can see and measure in the physical world. My book, “Einstein’s Compass” goes beyond what we know and adds a possible fictional explanation for how he came up with his miracle theory and changed the world.





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