The Book Pirates of Amazon

Imagine you give birth to a story that comes from the deepest part of yourself. The place where divine creativity resides. As a new parent your baby cries in the middle of the night as your characters keep you up while staring at the ceiling or show up in your dreams. The birthing process of your new creation could take more time than giving birth to an elephant. What keeps you going is the passion of your idea and how you just know people are waiting for your new book.

To make sure your child looks good, you create a jaw-dropping cover and have the story edited by professionals. And to protect your creation you have taken care to have your work copyrighted and registered at the Library of Congress.

Then comes the christening day when your bright, shiny newly minted child is published and comes out into the world. Where do you present your new work to the world? Well, on-line of course.

Most authors sell their books on because it is the biggest on-line bookstore. The behemoth of books provides an extensive inventory of books ranging from bargain books, children’s books, textbooks and digital books. Good for the book buyer however not so good for authors.

The Independent Book Sellers Association sent out an announcement recently, “If you are an Ingram, Create Space or any other print on demand service, Amazon is pushing down your “buy button” to the bottom of the “order the book” options list.

On March 1, 2017 Amazon enacted a policy that allows third-party sellers to compete for the Buy Box for books in new condition. Where books are concerned, the Default Buy Box has always belonged to publisher. When you buy a book, Amazon would pay the publisher 45% of the list price. This means your purchase is supporting the entity that published the book, namely the publisher, and authors are making a profit (albiet small) every time you buy because the publisher is paying an author a royalty on each sale.

Now Amazon is giving that priority spot to third-party sellers, relegating the publisher button to a far less favorable positon, below the landing page screen line, often last in a list of third-party sellers offering the book for a significantly lower cost in addition to free shipping.

The Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) believes Amazon’s policy change, allowing third-party sellers to compete for the Buy Box for books in “new condition,” hurts authors and publishers. Here’s why:


  • Amazon, once again, is attempting to drive down the value of books, and therefore intellectual property and creative work in general. Under the new policy, Amazon is rewarding the seller that conforms to its rules (“competitive pricing”) by granting them the coveted Buy Box. Often this means dropping the publisher listing, and it’s not unlikely that publisher listings may fall off the buy page completely—at Amazon’s discretion.
  • When a book is not obviously for sale by its publisher on Amazon, the author may not be making royalties. Although for now, it seems that publisher listings are on Amazon, it takes a savvy consumer to even understand what they’re buying—and most will go for the lowest cost item, especially if it’s in the coveted Buy Box position.


In all cases, the books sold on Amazon would not qualify as sales for the purposes of author royalties because they’ve already been sold or originally existed as promotional copies. And even for those third-party sellers buying books through wholesale channels, the question arises of how Amazon is measuring “new condition.”


If consumers don’t see the option to buy new, from the publisher, then Amazon is promoting piracy. Authors get nothing from used books because the consumer is buying something that’s already been bought and tracked as a sale. If this new policy takes hold for most backlist books, authors’ and publishers’ revenue will dry up, and more and more books are at risk of going out of print more quickly. Publishers will not be able to afford to keep books in print that are not selling on Amazon. So, this policy is essentially driving books to an earlier death—and thereby hurting authors.

Amazon suggests that one of the ways you can win the Buy Box is to keep books “in stock.”

This poses a major problem for self-published authors and any backlist author whose books are print-on-demand. Print-on-demand automatically means there’s no stock. The books are printed to order. If Amazon is penalizing books that are set up as POD titles and favoring third-party sellers who have stock due to any of the abovementioned means of procurement, authors will again be dinged when their own listing, or publisher listing, ranks low on the list of “Other Sellers on Amazon.” We can only suppose that Amazon will not penalize or remove books that are listed with CreateSpace—and as Amazon moves away from CreateSpace to consolidate its print and e-book self-publishing program onto Kindle, it will be interesting to note how often those books get the coveted Buy Box position for doing business with Amazon.


If indie publishers can’t get into bookstores and are being cut off at the knees by Amazon induced piracy, then the future is grim indeed. As a community of indie publishers, we should be very bothered by this new policy. Amazon is a mammoth player in the publishing space and it can do much to either help or hurt the publishing industry. Their new third party seller policy is potentially terrorizing, in that it is likely to result in publishers selling fewer copies and ultimately being forced to declare backlist books out of print.


My book, “Do You Have a Dream Workbook 5 Keys to Realize Your Dream” went on sale last week for $9.95. Today there are five third-party booksellers listed with a low price of $7.32. Where did they get the books to sell? I have not seen a sale to them. Maybe they are selling at a low cost to get you into their bookstore. All I know is that I will not see one penny from this book pirate. My hard work and money invested in raising my child has ripped from me, stolen. Now, what can an indie author like me do when they sell on Amazon?


Grace is a successful award-winning author, modern Christian mystic, wellness consultant, business development adviser, marketing coach and workshop facilitator. She has faced many life challenges, including a life-threatening disease, and used what she encountered as a stimulus to gain greater happiness and fulfillment. She lives in Lubbock, Texas, with her husband John Blair, and maintains a private health and success coaching practice.


Do You Have a Dream Workbook? 5 Keys to Realize Your Dream
by Ms. Grace Allison


Grace Allison

4408 14 Street

Lubbock, Texas 79416




[Grace The Mystic, Award Winning Author] The Book Pirates of Amazon
Amazon’s actions here are beyond shocking but unfortunately just the latest example of Amazon taking care of itself at everyone else’s expense. Authors and industry groups should resist this with all their might and work to find other, more profitable channels from which to sell books. Michele DeFilippo

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Funk Soul Cafe Blogtalkradio Interview

GraceTheMystic Funk Soul Cafe Interview

The interview with Robert Batista the Funky Writer who conducted the interview covered my writing life and books, writing craft, book design, publishing and marketing.

Why do you call yourself a Modern Mystic?

First of all a mystic to me does not include astrology or tarot cards or living in a cave somewhere. Being a modern mystic means experiencing the transcendental love of God who has a job, a family and does community service. When challenges in life come up, I have learned to go inside to the spiritual heart, which is inside everyone and through spiritual exercises and meditation, I have learned how to direct my life in a more positive direction using wisdom and discernment.How did you decide to write your first award winning spiritual non-fiction book, “ A Dream is a Wish the Heart Makes”?

In 1989 I began writing my book, “A Dream is a Wish the Heart Makes, or if at first you don’t succeed, change the rules” after I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

The night after receiving the diagnosis I called in the Light and found myself touching the hem of Jesus’s cloak. I knew I would be healed from this life-threatening disease because of my faith in God, and Jesus Christ. The night before surgery I sat in my bed seeing the doctors and myself in loving light. While deep in meditation and prayer I was lifted out of my body into a ball of pure love and light. The next day after a hysterectomy when the biopsies came back there was no cancer.

But, without hormones, my body began to change. I had no energy I lost my high-pressure sales job and felt depressed. My life priorities became to take care of myself. Then I asked myself, if I had all the health and energy possible what would I be doing with my life? I began to write and clear old mental, emotional and unconscious habits with forgiveness and compassion. Each day for the next 30 days, I wrote my intentions to receive with an open heart.

I wanted to make a difference assisting others who could be experiencing life challenges. I became licensed as a hair analysis specialist using diet, supplements and my new techniques of intention to create a better life.  In the twenty-five years serving as a health and wellness coach I have assisted hundreds in creating healthier, happier lives

 Why did you write your second award-winning book, “Do You Have a Dream?”

Since my first book and working with many people over the years I wanted to update the information. I found there are 5 Keys to the change process. Within those 5 keys came 140 insights into creating a new direction. “Do You Have a Dream” is an E Book and an audio book in my voice. In a few weeks, there will be the 5 Key Do You Have a Dream Workbook. The softcover will be available with the E Book and audio-book in the on-line bookstores. In “The 5 Key Do You Have a Dream Workbook”, you will discover how to:

Key 1 – Write your dream.

Key 2 – Align your body, mind and soul.

Key 3 –  Forgive.

Key 4 – Affirm who you are

Key 5 – For the next thirty days’ practice writing and realizing your dream.

 I understand you are writing a new science-fiction thriller, “Einstein’s Compass: a Novel of What If”. Tell us about that. Why write this book?

I have always thought of Einstein as a fascinating person. In reading about him, I discovered Einstein was a spiritual person whose father gave him a compass that sent him on his scientific journey. So I asked myself the what if question.

Since Einstein seemed to be a spiritual person on a quest to understand the universe, what if he was a modern mystic in his time?

Moreover, what if he had help from spiritual beings to understand the universe?

Through physics, he found his answers. My book of fiction follows his biographical history from age six to twenty-six and adds a new level of mystical spirituality that he had help from mystical beings who assisted him in his heroes’ journey and his miracle theory. Einstein believed that we have to go beyond what we can see and measure in the physical world. My book, “Einstein’s Compass” goes beyond what we know and adds a possible fictional explanation for how he came up with his miracle theory and changed the world.

The reason I am sharing about my new book of fiction is that you can follow the new book chapters on Einstein’s Compass Book on Bublish you will find book bubbles of chapters of the upcoming book. Over 35,000 people have read the book bubbles on social media since last summer.

Who is your co-author Laren Bright? Laren is an Emmy nominated award-winning writer.

Laren and I have been friends for more than forty years. We met in Miami, Florida. Over the years of meeting at spiritual seminars through “The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness” we are writing “Einstein’s Compass: a Novel of What If” which we plan to release later in 2017.

What is your next novel about?

Laren and I are considering a “What If” series. We could start with a person or an event that is well known to a wide range of people and ask What If?

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“Do You Have a Dream?

Grace Allison, Author

Wins Best Spiritual & Inspirational Book Award

“Do You Have a Dream?  140 Insights to Building Confidence, Overcoming Stress & Loving Yourself”

By: Grace Allison, Author

 Celebration of Texas Authors Dinner Gala

Since 2012, Texas Authors, Inc., has held a dinner to honor the award winners from their annual book contest. At first, the dinners were held in small comfortable restaurants, but have grown to a nice gala with close to 100 people attending.

The 2017 gala for book winners is expected to be one of the largest dinners yet for Texas Authors, with over 40 book award winners invited to attend. As with the past two years, the dinner is also a fundraiser for DEAR Texas Literacy programs and for the Texas Authors Institute of History Museum. A reception will kick off the evening where the winning authors will be able to take pictures with family and friends.

A dinner will follow, which will include a wonderful meal that the committee has selected from the North Marriott’s fine line of delicious foods. Many of the meals have already been tested by Alan personally to help choose only the finest selection for the attendees.

With last year setting the new standard, a guest speaker will be introduced following the awards ceremony for the authors. Those interested in staying for the presentation will receive valuable information about marketing their book(s).

With each passing year, Texas Authors has continued to grow and create a wonderful event to celebrate the art of writing and being published. This year’s event will be no exception!

Do You Have a Dream?

140 Insights to Building Confidence, Overcoming Stress & Loving Yourself

By: Grace Allison, Author

Synopsis of the Book:

According to Heraclitus of Ephesus, an ancient Greek philosopher who lived for about a decade before Plato, ‘The only thing that’s constant is change. Whether we are ready or not, change is bound to happen. It impacts all of us at some point in our lives. So why is change important and how should we handle it?

Grace Allison @gracethemystic, a self-help and motivational author, shares important keys on how to understand, redefine, and accept change. Do You Have a Dream? is an inspiring book comprised of 140 bite-sized quotes that inform us how to refer change as an important factor that can help us move forward in life instead of holding ourselves back. Grace has explicitly empowered readers to accept or make changes the safest and easiest way possible. She also points out that if these keys are substantially followed, they’ll bring great results in 30 days!

‘As humans, we are constantly evolving and thinking of some effective ways to make our lives more meaningful and improved. That’s why we need to welcome change whenever or wherever possible. Do You Have a Dream? is one, true exceptional guide on how we can become the thought leader or driving force for those changes that we need, says Mitchell Levy @happyabout, the AHA Guy at AHAthat (

If we don’t try different things, we are depriving ourselves from growing, improving, and finding true happiness or accomplishment. Whether you’ve done something wrong in the past, seeking a job transition, planning to discover things outside your comfort zone, or just simply wanting to try something new, then this book is just right for you.

Here are some of the encouraging messages that you can sharefrom this book:

– Fear is challenging each person to awaken to their loving inside. Let go and say, “Yes” to life, not “No.” @gracethemystic #love

– To change & direct ourselves takes a clear & strong intention. Like computers, we are programmed to be what we are. @gracethemystic #dreams

– Change does not have to be hard or scary. Create your own ten acres in your Garden of Eden from a sacred place of “I AM.” @gracethemystic

– Negative thoughts keep you from having what you longed for; the more you desire, the greater the resistance. @gracethemystic #love #God

– Feelings tell us how we are doing, what matters to us, what needs changing, what is going well, and what is goi badly. @gracethemystic

When is the last time you took a risk, challenged yourself, or even diverged from your day-to-day routine? To make improvements, you’ll need to make changes. But before that, you have to consider first why change happens so you’ll produce the kind of innovations you want.


 Texas Authors, Inc. Book Store: Insights to Building Confidence, Overcoming Stress & Loving Yourselfp/gadyhd.htm


Texas Assoc. of Authors
Bringing Texas to the World

Texas Association of Authors is the only organization in Texas whose focus is to promote the authors within the great state of Texas itself. Texas Authors leverages the knowledge and expertise of many different authors to help promote others within the world of reading and writing.

Based in Austin, Texas, Texas Authors strives to provide a great service to all of its clients, publishing houses, and readers.

As a non-profit organization, Texas Authors relies on strong relationships from individuals, other non-profit organizations, and publishing companies to help establish a presence in both local and statewide events.

Utilizing technology, social media, and knowledge, Texas Authors allows for the promotion of the individual within a highly competitive world filled with writers who are backed by resources from other firms.


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Why Courage and Creativity are important when Change happens

In 2003, the real estate market across our country was hot. I sold thirty homes in one year. By 2006, the bubble burst, unemployment was 10%. I was homeless, jobless, and penniless. What was I to do?

I wrote in my journal on December 23, 2006 “Almost noon staying with my friend Sandi and Tony De Veau, dog sitting Taska and Annie. So wonderful to have this haven of safety and love to rest” Sandi offered me a bedroom in her home until my life turned around.

On December 27, 2006 in my journal I began to draw a mind map, a diagram used to organize information, on the top of the page “Make a Difference”, stuff I am receiving to have, do or be.

Instead of creating from fear, I choose to walk in faith and dream. In 1989 I began writing my book, “A Dream is a Wish the Heart Makes, or if at first you don’t succeed, change the rules” when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

The night after receiving the diagnosis I called in the Light and found myself touching the hem of Jesus’s cloak. I knew I would be healed from this life-threatening disease because of my faith in God, and Jesus Christ. The night before surgery I sat in my bed seeing the doctors and myself in loving. Deep in meditation and prayer I was lifted out of my body into a ball of pure love and light. The next day when the biopsies came back there was no cancer.

Without hormones, my body began to change. I had no energy and felt depressed. My life priorities became take care of yourself first, so you can take care of others.

Then I asked myself, if I had all the health and energy possible what would I be doing with my life? With more light, prayers and the Intention of feeling better I found hair analysis. Within a few months of participating in the body balancing program, my health and life turned around.

I wanted to make a difference assisting others who could be experiencing life challenges. I became licensed as a hair analysis specialist using diet, supplements and my new techniques of intention to create a better life.  In the twenty-five years serving as a health and wellness coach I have assisted hundreds in creating healthier, happier lives.


In 2006 when my next life crisis of being jobless, homeless and penniless appeared I turned to the Traveler and my book, “A Dream is a Wish the Heart Makes, or if at first you don’t succeed, change the rules”, published in 2004. Let us see if the 5-step process in the book, works.

To get a higher perspective I called in the Light of God and asked The Christ Light that was within me to assist me in my life direction. Stepping into living love of the Mystical Traveler is like having a flashlight in the darkness of the soul.


Next, I drew the inner circle and wrote confidence and courage visions of joy 2007 manifest now. I began to listen to my inspired thoughts, and wrote an affordable home, job, abundance.


When I had almost finished I wondered, what if I had a big goal, something gigantic. My heart started beating fast, I got so excited, what if I could manifest being in Oprah’s Book Club audience?


I took out my Dream book and began clearing the way to receive my goals. Each day for the next 30 days, I wrote my intentions.


The magic of intentions on the imperfect circumstances of chaos, to expand in an imagined restricted or resistant area, expand the rubber band of thought and imagination with enthusiasm, and make the changes easy, pleasurable, safe and most of all fun. After all, who made the rule that change had to be hard?


My first goal, February 1, 2007 I created a job in property management at a commercial building. By the end of March, I moved into an apartment near White Rock Lake. Since moving to Dallas in 1986, I had always wanted to live near the lake. The young woman who lived in my new apartment had to leave suddenly. I told her I had no furniture. She gave me her sofa and love seat. I was able to get her lease rate, well below the going rent.


When I had my cable and internet, service turned on I began to participate on the Oprah Book Club website. The book in discussion was, “Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett.

I love historical fiction. Ken’s book of building medieval cathedrals by ordinary people was exciting to read. The reading guidelines on Oprah’s website gave me a deeper perspective of how the story developed the characters and plot twists. I looked forward to each step of the story and sharing my point of view on the Oprah book club website.


Then in early December of 2007, I received a telephone call from one of the producers at Oprah. Would I be interested in being in the audience with Ken Follett and his book “Pillars of the Earth” at the end of January 2008? I discovered I would have to pay for the trip to Chicago, I said no I could not afford to go.


I called my younger brother Allan who lived in New Hampshire and told him about my invitation. He was so excited for me and told me to call the Oprah people back that he would pay for the trip.


The next day I was able to contact the producer who gave me the day, time, and instructions on where to find the studio.


What if I could get on national television, maybe ask an important question, one that no one had discovered?


On Ken Follett’s website, I found two special projects that involved literacy and I knew literacy was also important to Oprah. I began to see myself in the Oprah audience raising my hand and asking Ken Follett the important questions.


My brother Allan was as excited as I was when we arrived in wintry cold Chicago at the end of January 2008. Unfortunately, Allan was unable to accompany me to the show taping.


Before the taping, Oprah’s cheerleaders came out to explain what we could expect. Then the show started. I listened carefully to Ken and Oprah talk about the book.

The interview with Mr. Follett took almost all day. There were one or two questions during the interview but none touched on the information I knew. It was the last two minutes and Oprah asked if there was anyone in the audience that had a question. Hands from everywhere flew up.  I raised my hand, and Oprah called on me.


I have attached a link to the video of my short appearance on Oprah’s Book Club.


The change in my life from a life threatening illness to wellness with a purpose was a testament to my years of walking the spiritual path.


With the loving light in my heart I went from being homeless, jobless, and penniless experiencing the biggest dream I could have ever imagined.


I am sure I have received my dreams in my life while digging deeply into the spring of love inspired by the Mystical Traveler Consciousness which I drew upon when writing,

“A Dream is a Wish the Heart Makes or if at first you don’t succeed, change the rules.” Oprah U-Tube Video


My book, “A Dream is a Wish the Heart Makes” has been updated

“Do You Have a Dream? 140 Insights to Building Confidence,

Overcoming Stress & Loving Yourself”



Contact for interviews, individual or group workshops:

Grace Allison, Author

4408 14 Street

Lubbock, Texas 79416






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E Mail Your Book Free from Amazon

Frugal Book TiP

 by Carolyn Howard-Johnson



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New Book Marketing Tools for Authorpreneurs

By: Grace Allison, Author and Modern Mystic

Do you have a book marketing plan? Here are new publishing tools for you.

In the 1980’s I was a sales representative for voicemail. In those days people relied on pink slips for messages. Phone tag took days to connect with the person you wanted to talk to. So when I told people about voicemail they gave me the “huh” look. Send a letter with my voice why would I want to do that. We have come a long way from the pink slips. With voicemail technology, I taught people how to communicate with each other. Today, thirty years later the residential real estate brokers in Dallas, Texas are still using the voicemail technology to connect with their agents.

To be successful Authorpreneurs we should embrace new social media marketing tools with gusto rather than fear them.

I am an author that began my self-publishing career in 2004 with Authorhouse with Amazon as my store. The sales of my book, “A Dream is a Wish the Heart Makes” did not do well. The marketing tools available through Authorhouse were expensive and did little in return.

Earlier in 2016, I joined , a non-profit membership community of authors, writers and publishers to learn new ways of publishing. is  new publishing technology for authorprenuers who want to connect their books to readers.  Author U presented Bublish in an on-line webinar in summer of 2016. Like voicemail, which was the new technology of its day, I saw Bublish as the new technology for reaching buyers and readers. I purchased a one-year subscription immediately.

The set-up of the dashboard is very easy. I found you could download your book or write it on the Bublish dashboard. When you complete your book you can download it into an epub. The next step was to capture a few paragraphs of a chapter to create a book bubble. Then, I could add a short paragraph of how I came to write the chapter. With a push of a button, the chapter bubble and personal bubble were live.

Next, are connections to social media, Facebook, Twitter and a place where you can send people an email to have them follow your book bubbles. When you publish a new book bubble, it automatically goes to your followers.

You can tweet your bubbles and share them on Facebook. I added to my marketing plan.  Tweepsmap is an on-line social media marketing company that sends your tweets deep in Twitter with analytics that drives your publishing, including a tweet scheduler and powerful direct message campaigns.

I attach a tweet of my book bubble of my books with a copy of the cover on Tweepsmap and schedule daily tweets.

On the dashboard of Bublish are three windows, one that shows how many people have read your book bubble, the date and which social media source it came from. In addition, how many people have read your profile. The last window is for Conversions. Bublish has a connection to bookstores  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and anywhere you have set you book up to be purchased. The Conversion window tells you how many people went to look at your book on the on-line bookstore. They could have purchased the book at the same time.

The Bublish dashboard also has a synopsis of your book, your profile, and a link to your author page.

In the last six months, I have had 26,000 people read my book bubble for my fiction sci-fi thriller book, “Einstein’s Compass: a Novel of What If” that has not come out yet. In addition, I am having sales on my non-fiction self-help book, “A Dream is a Wish the Heart Makes” and second non-fiction book, “Do You Have a Dream?”.

Bublish sends out an email to authors on Friday that says if you have a new book bubble by the weekend they will push out your book bubbles on social media that weekend.

To me Bublish is the new technology for Authorprenuers. It is the best marketing value for social media book promoting and selling.

Do you still have pink slips to call someone back? With the new communication technology, we have come a long way. Do you consider yourself a good marketer for your books? If not, Bublish will help you. Through AuthorU, I keep up to date with the latest in publishing tools to become an even better authorpreneur.  Bublish delivers a vehicle giving me the boost on the social media internet highway. Tweepsmap the rocket to drive my tweets deeper into cyberspace.

Grace is a self-help motivational speaker and award winning author who has assisted hundreds discover their spiritual power in order to meet their everyday.

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Imagine Your Garden of Eden

forest serenity and love

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