How I Flourished During the Pandemic

There is nothing like a pandemic to put a plot twist into your life. Plans to Hawaii canceled because of hotels locking down. Travel insurance did not cover Covid related travel. How distracted had my life become with being busy out in the world? I wondered if Mother Nature was telling us, “Its time you stayed home and took better care of yourself”? Okay, how can I make this work for me? I have had times in my life when a crisis arrives to orient myself to my spiritual compass. To stay connected to my courage, confidence, and creativity, I focus on my spiritual heart. I redirected my focus on marketing my novel, “Einstein’s Compass a YA Time Traveler Adventure” by entering book award contests. Even in a saturated book market, I received more than ten book awards. To increase sales with the new visibility of book awards, I took out ads on Story Monster, IBPA and Kindle Nation targeting my audience of young adults. I took walks to a nearby park, used our elliptical machine, took online yoga classes and piano lessons. During the year there have been trials however, discipline kept me learning and in the future. My husband loves my new chicken soup and beef stew. Now I want a trip to a beach.

Einstein’s Compass a YA Time Traveler Adventure

Albert felt his compass tingle in his pocket when he entered the inner chamber. He drew out the etheric construct of the compass and studied the twelve glowing gems.

Arka glanced at the gems on the compass’s cover. “Hmm,” he said approvingly. “We will need that soon,” Albert responded to the comment with a puzzled glance but did not question Arka, who guided the boys to a hovering platform where they descended into a vast subterranean chamber housing the six-sided, twenty-foot, Blue Larimar Tuaoi Stone. As they entered the massive chamber, the platinum dome opened, allowing the stone to receive the energy of the sun.

Arka checked a holographic gauge that measured the energies of the power source. Then, glancing aside to Albert, who still held his compass, Arka said, “Your compass is responding to the emanations from the stone, which is directing the solar and terrestrial energies.”

Albert glanced at his compass, which was indeed glowing brightly.

“This stone,” Arka said reverently, “is the power source for the planet. It receives rays of light from the sun and the stars, then concentrates those energies. As the stone vibrates with our Earth’s frequencies, it broadcasts them to satellites that then rebroadcast them to power everything from our hovercraft to our great engines of manufacturing to the lighting in our homes.”

Albert was in awe. “This is amazing. Where do I go to learn? Who will teach me?”

Arka put his hand on Albert’s shoulder, saying, “We will not give you books to read, Albert. Instead, we will show you how to reach into the light source of your spiritual heart, so you can receive the inner knowledge and create with the divine moving through you.”

Albert nodded. “That would be wonderful. I have practiced doing thought experiments: I imagine the solutions to a problem.” He frowned. “However, I have been having trouble with my theory of light.”

Arka smiled again. “Yes, you are using your mind. But that will only take you so far. To truly gain understanding, you must expand into a greater awareness of the Light within your spiritual heart. That is why you are here.”

Albert felt a great sense of rightness with what Arka had told him. “I would be very grateful for whatever you can teach me,” he said with uncharacteristic humility.

Arka asked Johann to wait outside, then led Albert to a pair of mahogany chairs that faced each other and gestured for Albert to sit across from him.

Arka said, “Lay your compass in your open left palm, then close your eyes, sit back, and relax.” Albert did as he was told, and Arka continued with his lesson. “Take a deep breath and hold it. Now let the air go.” Albert did as he was instructed several times, then he heard Arka say, “Realize the love in your heart. Envision a presence of Light shining from deep within you. Imagine the sound of your spirit singing to you.”

Albert flowed with the sound of Arka’s voice as the priest-scientist guided him deeper and deeper into his self.

After an indeterminate time, Albert heard Arka say, “Now open your eyes and put your compass next to your heart.”

Albert, with a serenity that bordered on reverence, did as instructed.

“When you go into your thought experiments, hold the compass next to your heart, and it will reconnect you to this blessing. As that happens, you will be free to expand in a greater way to the inner source of your creativity.”

Albert’s skin tingled. His brown eyes glowed with a gentle light. He struggled to speak but could not, so he just relaxed back into his chair.

“In time, you will do this without the compass,” Arka said.

Albert just nodded in acknowledgment.

Arka respectfully allowed Albert to bask in this Light of his own essence and went to bring Johann back into the room. As Johann entered, he took one look at Albert and declared, “Albert, you look radiant.”

Einstein’s Compass a YA Time Traveler Adventure

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  1. Entering book contests “Einstein’s Compass a YA Time Traveler Adventure” won ten book awards. I want to be in bookstores and libraries so I entered with Story Monster and won four with “Story Monster Approved”. I advertised with the monthly Story Monster magazine . They created a wonderful ad which I used in all my social media. I advertised with Kindle Daily Nation twice. By far the best return as the sales soared and I was #33 in the top ten science fiction books. I advertised with IBPA International Book Publishers Association. They sent a list of librarians with email addressed and phone numbers who were interested in the book. Bublish created a bookstore with incentives to buy and review the books. With advertising Einstein’s Compass has greater visibility and better sales. The cost of advertising was not covered by the sales. However, sales did increase by double of what I did last year.

  2. That is amazing, Grace. You tried everything I wish I would. How do you have time to do all that! It’s interesting the visibility increased but not enough sales to cover the cost.

    That’s an amazing amount of awards. I don’t know why that alone wouldn’t rocket you to the top. I just don’t get this stuff at times!

  3. When Amazon controls the price of books like $2.99 or less for Kindle we have to sell more than 200 books in a month to break on one ad.
    Good thing my books are a business and I can write off my expenses at the end of the year.
    It does take time to advertise and money to advertise. Being retired helps.
    My hobby business of writing keeps me involved in a project I care about.

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