Interview with Grace Blair, the author of a YA historical fantasy novel Einstein’s Compass

This week, we’re talking with Grace Blair about her book, Einstein’s Compass: A YA Time Traveler Adventure



Tell us something unexpected about yourself!

Since childhood I have had empathic visions of God, angels and Christ. Organized religions did not fulfill my quest to know more.

In 1973, I met my spiritual mentor John-Roger. With his guidance, I discovered my spiritual heart through inner discipline of spiritual exercises and soul transcendence.


Why do you write?

I am a shepherd of the words in the books I have written and grateful my work is making a difference in people’s lives.


Where did you get the inspiration for your current book?

Young Albert Einstein lived during the horse and buggy days. The latest technology was the light bulb.

Where did a Jewish boy who attended a Catholic school receive his vision of time and light? What if his soul was reincarnated from Atlantis? What if he was a priest-scientist from that time who was trying to remember what he did back then?


What do you enjoy the most about your genre?

Historical fiction is my favorite genre because I learn something every time I read a historical novel.

Adding a science fiction fantasy to Albert Einstein’s twenty year history adds a WOW factor, especially the thriller ending.


How would you describe your writing process?

I listen to my inner intuitive voice to hear and see what my story and characters want me to share.


What do you think authors have to gain from participating in social media?

Connecting to the world of information on social media assists authors to connect their work to readers and to each other. The author community is important as we support one another in our journey and share our work.


What advice would you have for other writers?

Find the passion in your story and write.


How do you select your books’ titles and covers?

Research on Amazon in genres to find the perfect fit for my audience.


What’s your next step?

Writing a novella on the background story of Atlantis in Einstein’s Compass. “Atlantis and the Supernatural Compass”.


What book do you wish you had written?

The Chronicles of St. Mary’s by Jodi Taylor.


How do you react to seeing a new review for your book?

Reviews are gold. I feel excited when I read a new review. I appreciate a reader who has taken their precious time to share their experience and perhaps influence a person seeking advice for a new read.



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