My Crazy Oprah Story

My crazy story began in 2006. The real estate market across our country was intense. Home transactions for me reached thirty homes in one year. When the real estate market collapsed I was homeless, jobless, and penniless. What was I to do? My friend Sandi extended me a bedroom in her home until I could find employment.
By 2006 I published my first non-fiction work, “A Dream is a Wish the Heart Makes,” Now being destitute I turned to my sacred soul and my writing.
I observed the Five Steps to Receiving your Dream and cleared the path to meet my intentions. I recorded each day for the next 30 days. By, February 1, 2007, I secured a position in commercial property management. By the end of March, I moved into a condo near White Rock Lake.
What if I could manifest being in Oprah’s Book Club audience? When I had my cable and internet, I participated in the Oprah Book Club website. In early December 2007, I received a telephone call from one producer at Oprah who welcomed me to attend the Ken Follett interview with his book “Pillars of the Earth” in January 2008. In the last two minutes of the show, Oprah called on me to ask a question. I was on national television.

Do You Have a Dream Workbook 5 Keys To Realize Your Dream


Imagine that each person born is innocent and naïve to the world. As we grow, we learn that the law of cause and effect and our attitude have a great deal to do with how we experience our life: “as a man thinketh in his heart, he becomes,” and as a result, we develop a personality or self-image.

The way I spell image: I Am A God Energized Being. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are made of God’s Light and filled with God’s loving energy. Our body is a sacred temple living in our own Garden of Eden, where we are to be honored and cared for. Our mind and emotions are energy that fills our temple and Garden like a glass that is filled with light or energy. If we lack self-esteem or have negative thoughts and feelings, such as shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, lust, or anger in our consciousness, our temple in the Garden of Eden develops an energy leak. I call it “leaky consciousness.” If there are many feelings of unworthiness, then there are more energy leaks.

These energy leaks separate us from the wisdom (Adam/mind) and love (Eve/ heart). We are stuck either in the past, holding onto a past hurt, or in the future, trying to control the outcome of events. Often to cover up or ease the pain of the energy leaks, people will acquire addictions. Addictions of food, alcohol, drugs, sex, work, worry, and fear are all ways to mask our inner pain.

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