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We Are All Connected « Grace Allison Blair

We Are All Connected

Writing books began in the year 2001 when after being laid off after 9/11 I found an inner voice that wanted to connect with the world. During, the last nineteen years I have expressed the creativity of my mind through the portal of technology. Research on the internet gave me more information than I could use. Writing became less lonely when I reached out on social media to share my work. It surprised me to find a community of readers and writers across the world.  When I shared my work, friendships with writers like Carolyn Howard-Johnson and Jacqui Murray in California, Rox Burkey and Johann Wagner in Dallas, give me honest feedback, support, and encouragement. I discovered writer cousins, Margaret Tottle-Smith in England, Michelle Doucett in Canada, and Carol Hunter in Detroit. Marketing my work on social media I found professional friends like Kathy Meis and her team at Bublish. Podcast hosts Jeanie Brocious and Rob Brown broadcast to the world my good news. Movie critic Betty Jo Tucker wrote a poem of my novel, “Einstein’ Compass” and recommends it as a movie. Creating and connecting with the world through writing has given me confidence in myself. Little did I know when I began my writing journey the family, fans, and friendships I would find along my way.

Einstein’s Compass A YA Time Traveler Adventure

The Master and the Initiate

As Kendra allowed the wisdom, she had been receiving to settle within her. Akhenaten made a gesture while holding his consciousness on a secret, sacred thought and conjured an Infinity Portal. “Now let us consider the history of the Shamir Stone,” the master said as the Portal sprang into being. Despite wanting to impress Akhenaten, Kendra gasped. She knew this was the test Akhenaten would use to evaluate her readiness to be his student. Any sense of confidence she had gained as the master had spoken so freely with her evaporated as the gateway solidified, and tension-filled the girl. This was far too important to make even a single error. Just because Akhenaten had summoned the entrance did not mean she would be able to see the visions it presented. It was up to her to maintain the requisite singleness of focus for as long as the master instructed her.

The Portal itself was the size of an open book. Its surface had the appearance of a mirror cut from a large, precious stone polished to crystal smoothness. The students training to be seers would gaze within these Portals throughout their training. They would see the colors and the light and symbols of the spirit world. Their vision would deepen to the vibration and intensity of the world around them. They would feel, hear, and see in their Portal the emanations of the higher realms of spirit. Daily meditations and inner spiritual exercises would strengthen their ability. It was momentous that Akhenaten had opened a Portal for Kendra. She knew every bit of her training would be called upon to maintain her connection to it.

Master Akhenaten gestured again, and the Portal projected the holographic sacred geometric pattern of the Flower of Life. The floating flower pulsed energy all around.

Akhenaten closed his eyes and blessed the Portal. “We call forward and bless the history of the Shamir Stone for the highest good.” Akhenaten touched the center of the Portal, causing the geometric pattern to spin, saying, “I will use the history of the Shamir Stone to show how we search through time. The Flower of Life Portal is only for advanced initiates; those who have demonstrated the ability to focus through time.”

The master touched Kendra in the middle of her forehead, and she felt a tingling sensation. She closed her eyes briefly, then opened them as Akhenaten said, “Let’s see if you can hold the energy long enough to follow the story as we go along.”

Kendra gazed more closely at the Portal. Despite her anxiety, her amber eyes sparkled with excitement. She had learned that touching a Portal without a blessing would not open the door of time. Only creating a clear, heartfelt intention would bring the best results.

As the Portal surface showed scenes of events through time, Akhenaten began explaining the mysterious Shamir Stone. “The Shamir was one of ten mysterious artifacts created by God at twilight upon the sixth day of creation.”

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